The Northern School of Art offers positive and unique learning experiences within programmes of study that will inspire you to respond to the contemporary environments of the creative disciplines.

We believe in a focus on what makes you an individual and how you respond to the world around you. Your study at The School of Art is an opportunity to question and challenge your views and perceptions and to develop as an original and critical creative thinker.

This Charter sets out the commitment of The School of Art to provide you with an educational experience of the highest quality. However, the Charter also aims to identify that both you, as a student, and The School of Art are jointly responsible for your learning. Therefore, it is important that you respond to this partnership in a positive way to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to you, and realise your full potential.

Student Responsibilities

Throughout your period of study at the School of Art, you will
be expected to:

conduct yourself responsibly and show consideration and respect towards staff, fellow students and members of the local and wider community

take responsibility for your work and actions

attend regularly and punctually

follow lesson etiquette and behaviour guidelines, which may include, turning off mobile and electronic devices, and not consuming food and drink during taught sessions

commit yourself to work and study outside formal teaching time

complete your assignments within the agreed timescales

comply with The School of Art regulations and policies, including those governing attendance, student conduct, and equality and diversity

act as a positive ambassador in all aspects of The School of Art activities

show consideration and care for The School of Art environment, equipment and facilities

Students are reminded that their responsibilities relate to all methods of communication, including electronic and social networking

The School of Art Responsibilities

Throughout the programme you should expect to:

be treated fairly and with respect

receive a high standard of teaching, assessment, advice and guidance from appropriately qualified staff

be able to discuss academic progress with the appropriate programme staff

have access to the learning resources you need to support your studies

have access to personal guidance and support from The School of Art services if appropriate

be given a timescale and framework for work set

have clearly defined assessments, assignments and course work marked fairly and returned with appropriate comments within an agreed timescale

receive help and support in developing the skills needed for successful study and subsequent progression to employment within your chosen profession

have the opportunity to express views on the quality of teaching, services and facilities at The School of Art receive guidance on careers and future progression routes

have access to accurate information about your programme and The Northern School of Art policies, including complaints and appeals procedures

Students’ Union Responsibilities

Throughout the programme you can expect The School of Art
Students’ Union to:

represent the interests of students within The School of Art, locally and nationally

ensure that students are aware of their rights

support students in participating in the opportunities offered by The School of Art

provide social events, including clubs and societies

ensure that The School of Art Students’ Union officers are elected
fairly and democratically, in accordance with the Students’ Union constitution

This Student Charter summarises the aspirations and
expectations of The Northern School of Art. It is not intended as a legally binding contract, or to define or limit the legal rights and responsibilities of The School, Students’ Union and each student. All students should ensure that they are aware of all policies, procedures, regulations and guidelines published by the College and Students’ Union. Copies of all documents are available on the VLE or from the Students’ Union.


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