How we are Run

The Governing Body of the Northern School of Art is responsible for the educational character and strategic direction of the School, determines policy and monitors the performance of the School. The Corporation consists of 17 Governors from a wide variety of backgrounds, including staff and students, and their experience and strategic skills make a vital contribution to the continuing development of the School.

Patrick Smith


Ian Swain

Independent MemberChair of Audit Committee

Ian Butchart

Independent Member

Sarah Fawcett

Independent MemberLink Governor for ED&I and Safeguarding

Jane Rapley

Independent Member

Tim Bailey

Vice Chair

David Hughes

Independent Member

Robin Simmons

Vice Chair

Kieron Goldsborough

Independent Member

Amy Norris

Independent Member

Denise Ogden

Independent Member (currently on sabbatical)

Phil Trotter

Co-opted Member (Governance & Search)

Martin Raby


Eyv Hardwick

Staff Member (HE)

Jane Havakin

Staff Member (HE)

Rosie Hare

Staff Member (Business Support)

Corporation Board Papers

Reports and publications

2b) Reports and publications 2b(i) Strategy Strategic Plan 2017-18 2b(ii) Annual Report Financial Statements to July 2017 Financial Statement 2017-18 2b(iv) Register of interest Declaration of Interest 2b(v) Public Value statement Part of The Information Publication Scheme Who we are and what we do About Us What we spend and how we spend it Part of The Information Publication Scheme How we make decisions Our policies and procedures Part of The Information Publication Scheme