This page was last updated at 12:10 Monday 30th March 2020. Please use this website as your primary source of information in relation to School activities - the page will be reviewed regularly and updates will be provided as and when we have them. The safety of our students and staff is our number one priority at all times. This is a rapidly changing situation - all information is subject to changes in Government and Public Health England guidance (links provided below). Green Lane Campus Closures - Green Lane campus is now closed to access by students. Saturday Club sessions have now been suspended. School run bus routes are suspended. The campus remains open for urgent staff access from Monday 30th March to Friday 3rd April from 9am to 11am. Please email if you wish to gain access to the site, stating your name and intended time of arrival – please state clearly that it is for Green Lane access. This is for health and safety purposes – thank you. Please note decisions around opening are taken on a daily/weekly basis and this may change. Bursaries & School Lunches It is intended all bursaries will remain in place whilst the campus closes. Arrangements are being made for those students who receive support for lunches and they will be contacted directly. Assessments & Exams We are currently exploring a range of issues around work, study and assessment. We understand A-level students are likely to be offered an exam in September, with other assessment options also being considered. We are currently in discussion with UAL about the awarding of Diplomas. We will do everything we can to support student educational outcomes and wellbeing. We are in contact with our awarding bodies about assessment, the indications are that there will be further information on this later this week. Information & Updates Please continue to check your student email accounts regularly. Information and updates will also be provided on this website. We wish all our students, staff, parents, carers and partners a safe & peaceful summer. We look forward to seeing you again in person as soon as it is safe to do so. Hartlepool Campus The campus is now closed. No1 Church Street will be open from 9am to 11am, Monday 30th March to Friday 3rd April, for urgent staff or student access only. Please would you email if you need to be on site, providing your name, intended time of arrival and purpose for the visit. Please state clearly it is for access to No1 Church Street. This is important for health and safety purposes – thank you. Please note decisions around opening are taken on a daily/weekly basis and this may change. Assessment We are continuing discussions with AUB regarding assessment and we hope to have more detail this week. Programme Leaders should now have been in direct contact with all students about their studies and assessment for the remainder of the academic term. Please ensure you are checking your student email account regularly. Please note - academic staff continue to be at work, please email or contact them through your usual channels if you wish to speak a member of the programme team. For all outstanding modules we will apply a blanket extension of two teaching weeks. Please click on link below to download the .pdf and the new deadlines are also shown on Moodle. Students should note that the two-week Easter holiday does not count as teaching time. Level 5/6 Dr Martin Raby, Principal, writes: "We would just like to let students and staff know that we have had productive discussions with AUB this week. We are confident we are working towards a helpful way forward around assessment and we will have further information for you next week." “This is an unprecedented situation - I want to assure you that we are working very hard this week to look at the implications of the enforced closure of the School and all of its facilities. “As you know, we need to have any changes to assessment agreed by the Arts University Bournemouth who award your degrees – we expect to have more information on this next week when we aim to give you advice on a programme by programme basis. “We know that this leaves you with some uncertainty but we are working as hard as we can to get you clear answers and it would be wrong to give you news before we have a definitive position.” Level 4 All outstanding Level 4 modules will be graded on a pass or fail basis; students should continue to submit work to the revised deadlines. As we are a creative campus with a wide-range of technical studio space and equipment, Dr Martin Raby, Principal, writes: “The current situation means that some students may not be in a position to achieve as well as they may have wished because of a lack of access to relevant University-level facilities. “A pass/fail assessment means we look at what you have already achieved (including performance on previous modules) and I hope this reduces any pressure to ‘make’ that you may feel. And please remember Level 4 does not count towards you overall degree classification.” Mitigation To confirm, Mitigation Claims relating to Covid-19 will no longer be accepted by Academic Registry as the blanket 2-week extension is to cover these. All other Mitigation Claims (non-Covid-19 related) should be submitted in line with the Undergraduate Mitigation Procedure and emailed to Students who become ill (other than with COVID-19) or have other reasons for seeking mitigation after today can use the normal mitigation procedure. It is very important that claim forms are completed fully, and that current and relevant evidence is attached to the claim. All extensions that are not related to Covid-19 and have previously been approved by the Mitigation Panel will be added onto to the blanket 2-week extension that has been given to all module submission deadlines. Graduation This year’s graduation service is scheduled for Tuesday 7th July 2020; a decision is yet to be made whether or not this important ceremony can go ahead on this date; we know how important this celebration is to our students, staff and families and we will keep you informed of any discussion about changes to the service date. Attendance Bursaries Please note attendance bursaries will remain in place even if the campus closes for any period. Student Services For student services, please contact (Hartlepool) Or (Middlesbrough) We wish all our higher education students and staff a safe and peaceful summer; we will look forward to seeing you all again in person when it is safe to do so. Letter from the Minister of State for Universities, Michelle Donelan MP. All universities and higher education providers have received a letter from the Minister of State for Universities, Michelle Donelan MP. It covers the following topics: students in residence halls in England; student finance; visas; exchanges; regulatory framework; finals; support for staff; and, universities support Covid-19 national effort. Please note, in relation to students in residence halls in England - Ms Donelan is referring to halls of residence provided by universities. However, the School’s accommodation is provided by Thirteen - all issues in relation to the provision of accommodation and services should be directed to Thirteen. Student Services can provide support and facilitation if students are experiencing any issues.