About this Master's Degree (MA)

Course Overview

This degree acts a stepping stone to starting your own business or establishing your professional practice. Masters students will focus on using their design work and skills within a range of creative disciplines, adapting research methods as well as realising commercial opportunities. Lectures, tutorials, seminars and self-directed study make up the structure of this course. Students gain access to a number of resources, facilities, workshops and technical support. On this programme, you will also benefit from: • Small, focused group workshops • Contact with expert staff (six hours per week) • Access to the School’s Design & Costume Collections. Programme Specification 21/22 Thinking of applying? Find out more about our fees&housing.

Course Details

This exciting master's degree is designed to support your creative role. Helping you turn your ideas and products in to a thriving business. Whatever your creative discipline, we will support you with business advice, support and potentially premises to build your own successful start-up. Giving you an understanding of the different elements of real-world commercial practice and research. You will gain skills in: • Brand Marketing • Finance • Market Theory • Market Segmentation You could be working in multi-media disciplines, graphics, 3D Design, fashion, surface and interior design, textiles or costume. This programme will provide you with the support, technology and equipment, within a collaborative, creative community, to help you realise your business goals.

Master's Degree Focus

The focus of this Masters Degree is your design work, within a range of creative disciplines and your approach to researching and realising your commercial opportunities. Using this degree as a stepping stone to starting your own business or establishing a professional practice. This masters degree offers fantastic facilities that will enhance the skills of students working in varying industries. Such as • Multi-media • Graphics • 3D Design • Fashion • Surface & Interior Design • Textiles • Fashion • Costume


When studying at the Northern School of Art our students benefit from a creative, collaborative and tight knit community. We have a vast amount of facilities and specialist equipment that will support you in your work.


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