Fees and Financial Support
If you are a resident in England and studying for an undergraduate degree for the first time, government loans are available from Student Finance England to cover your tuition fees and help towards your living costs
Fees for all undergraduate programmes offered by the School are £9,250 per year for students commencing their studies in September 2019.
You are not expected to pay your fees in full at the beginning of the programme. New full-time students can apply for a Tuition Fee Loan of up to £9,250 to cover the cost of tuition fees; the amount you can get does not depend on your household income. If you are not eligible for a Tuition Fee Loan, or you have any queries about the payment of fees, you can contact Nicola.Anderson@northernart.ac.uk who can offer advice and guidance.
We offer a friendly and inspirational atmosphere, where your learning is maximised through modern and innovative resources. Our students receive excellent value for money for a number of reasons, including: * Almost double the contact time compared to many other universities * Teaching is delivered by expert staff who have well-established links with industry * Students have more freedom using industry-standard facilities and equipment
Maintenance loans are available for each year of study to help with living costs such as food, accommodation and travel. These are normally only applicable to UK residents, for more information on eligibility you can visit theStudent Finance website. There is also information in the Undergraduate student finance and support section of the UCAS website. The amount you can borrow depends on where you live and study, and your household income. For more information and to find out what support you could get, please use the Student Finance Calculator.
Financial Support provided by the School
The Northern School of Art also offers a range of financial support to students from underrepresented groups as defined by the Office for Students. As we believe that financial support for students from low-income backgrounds promotes attendance and student engagement in their studies. The financial support that we offer includes: * Maintenance Grant - Students in receipt of the maximum maintenance loan will be eligible for a grant of £500 pa for the duration of their programme. In the final year of study, this will increase to £750, to assist with the costs associated with the final major project. This is to provide additional support to students from low- income backgrounds. * Tees Valley Progression Award - Young students, under the age of 21 years from the Tees Valley who live in areas with low participation in higher education POLAR 3 (Qunitile1) will be eligible for a one-off award of £500. This award is to provide additional support to students from low participation areas. In support of the Tees Valley Progression Award, we will be piloting a scheme through our 2018-19 recruitment cycle to provide a financial incentive to schools and colleges in the Tees Valley area in promoting access for students from low participation in higher education areas POLAR 3 (Qunitile1).* * Care Leavers Bursary - Students who are care leavers will be eligible for a bursary of £500 pa for the duration of their programme. This is to provide additional support to students who may lack support structures. * Mature Students Award - Students aged 21 years or over who have not previously undertaken a higher education programme of study will be eligible for a one-off award of £500. This is to provide initial support to students re-entering education. Funds are intended to help towards costs relating to student accommodation, study materials, and educational visits depending on the student’s choice. Students will be eligible for a maximum of £1,000 financial support in any academic year. It is intended that we will release funds to students, subject to satisfactory student engagement and attendance of 80% across all registered sessions, and the final term bursary payment is subject to successful progression to the next level of study or successful completion of studies. Access and Participation Plan The information regarding tuition fees and financial support detailed above can be found in the School’s Access and Participation Plan 2019-2020 which is available on the Office for Students website Office for Students. The website also provides previous Access Agreements for students who commenced their studies with the School before the academic year 2019-20.


The Student Protection Plan is a document that is approved by the Office for Students (OfS) that every higher education provider is required to have. It sets out what measures we have in place to protect you, as a student at The Northern School of Art, should a risk to the continuation of your studies arise and details how we would communicate with you. You can read the Student Protection Plan by following This Link
We know that students need studio space and access to the right technical software. So we don’t charge studio fees, and licenced software is available for students to use, including MS Office and Adobe Creative Cloud Software, along with other pecialised software packages. There are some additional costs you can’t avoid, for example, purchase of materials for specific modules and projects, along with printing and photocopying costs. These will depend on the choices you make during your studies and what techniques you will explore in different modules. While it is not possible to tell you exactly how much you will spend, we can give you an idea of the range of costs experienced by students in recent years: * Level 4 - £120 to £670 * Level 5 - £110 to £830 * Level 6 - £80 to £940 Costs tend to be higher in the second and third years of undergraduate study. Many students successfully secure sponsorship for their final major projects and all students are involved in fundraising for their degree show.
You will also have the opportunity to undertake educational visits in the UK and overseas, these visits are designed to enhance and enrich your learning experience. Where a visit forms part of a module, then the costs will be subsidised, though students may be expected to contribute a small charge, for example, £10 towards transport. Overseas trips are optional – in recent years the costs have varied between just over £100 for a trip to London and £360 to £400 for a trip to a European capital such as Paris or Rome. *The Tees Valley Incentive Scheme will involve a payment to schools and colleges of £200 for each student who enrols on one of our programmes in 2019-20. The payments are intended to be used for art materials, educational visits to cultural centres or CPD to assist them with their work amongst underrepresented groups in higher education. In 2018-19 we will work with schools to identify students that would qualify under the scheme and in 2019-20 evaluate the effectiveness of the scheme. Schools/Colleges within the Tees Valley should contact Studentrecruitment@northernart.ac.uk for more information