Welcome to our section on safeguarding created specifically for our students' parents and carers. If you are a student at The Northern School of Art, you can access all the relevant information you need about safeguarding on campus via Moodle, which is our virtual learning environment.
At The Northern School of Art, we take safeguarding our students very seriously. But we also recognise that it is a daunting and often confusing area. As parents and carers, you have a huge responsibility in ensuring your child's well-being, which is why we like to help in any way we can. Sometimes, we all need help and advice on the challenges faced when safeguarding. Hopefully, the information below will help you in supporting your children, as well as guide you on what action to take if something is concerning you. If you have any queries or require further information, please contact one of The Northern School of Art's safeguarding officers.
www.digizen.org/parents The Digizen website provides information for educators, parents, carers, and young people. It is used to strengthen their awareness and understanding of what digital citizenship is and encourages users of technology to be and become responsible ‘digital citizens.’ It shares specific advice and resources on issues, such as social networking and cyberbullying, and how these relate to and affect their own and other people’s online experiences and behaviours. www.childnet.com/parents-and-carers Childnet International works in partnership with other organisations to help make the internet a safe place for children and young people. Whether you’re puzzled by parental controls or would like to know more about gaming, this website can help. We all know that it can sometimes be challenging to keep up to speed with what children and young people are doing online. Luckily, this site offers a host of useful ways to keep your child safe. www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents/ Here, you receive advice from the National Crime Agency on what to do if you need to report an incident or are concerned about your child. You can also find out more information about parental controls, social media sites and nude selfies. ceop.police.uk/safety-centre The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre website provides information and advice for online safety, as well as an online reporting tool.
respectme.org.uk/adults This site offers advice and practical guidance on what to do and how to respond if you think your child is being bullied or is involved in bullying. www.kidscape.org.uk/advice/advice-for-parents-and-carers Here, you have plenty of practical tips to help you deal with bullying and its associated issues. These include online safety, schooling, raising self-esteem, and encouraging positive behaviour.
Play Safe Guide Find out everything a parent or carer needs to know about safeguarding by watching this 'Play Smart, Play Safe!' family guide to video gaming.