The Northern School of Art is a creative community. We get to know you individually as a student and creative professional. We make you feel welcome, accepted, and empowered as a creative person. We want to help you find your place and your future career. This is the place for people serious about a successful career in the creative industries We aim to make sure that anyone leaving care has equal opportunity and is able to become immersed in our creative community. We recognise that anyone leaving care may have additional queries and concerns and we have staff ready to support and advise you. We are happy to receive queries from any potential students or from social workers, personal advisers or foster carers about the support we can provide.

Am I classed as a care leaver?

A care leaver is a young person who has been in care for at least 13 weeks since the age of 14 and are either: • still being looked after, or • have been looked after sometime after their 16th birthday and who have now left care. • Under the age of 25 • Be in the care of the Local authority • Have been in the care of a local authority within 3 years prior to commencing your course • Have left the care system but are still receiving support form your Local Authority or an organisation such as Barnardos Care experienced Care experienced is someone who, at any stage of their life, and for any length of time, has been in care e.g. looked after by the local authority. For further information or advice, please contact the Student Services Team on 01429 858411 or email


We want to support you on your creative journey and make sure you are applying for the right programme. We encourage you to research our website and current HE prospectus to gain an overview of our School and the specialist course we offer. You are welcome to visit the campus at any time to speak to academic staff, student services team or student recruitment. You can also book onto to any one of a number of open days delivered throughout the year. If you would like support in attending an open day, please contact 01429 858410 or email at
Due to the creative nature of our programmes, we treat all applications on their own merit and welcome anyone who has the ability and aspirations to achieve at higher education. Please visit our apply webpage for more advice about the application process, portfolio and interview advice.


All applications to higher education (university-level) in the UK have to go through UCAS. You can search all of the courses available, watch videos on how to apply and access information specifically for care experienced young people. On the UCAS application, students are asked if they are a care leaver or a looked-after young person. We would encourage you to tick this box - it is important because it helps us identify you and then be able to advise you on any additional support that you are entitled to.

Those applicants, who have ticked this box when applying to The Northern School of Art will be contacted by our support team to find out if there is any additional support needed before the start of term.

Further Information

Useful Contacts
Become Become is a voice and a champion for children and young people in the UK living in care. They provide lots of information and have created some guides for care experienced young people considering university which you can download from their website.

Become also publishes a series of factsheets to support young people leaving care. These factsheets cover topics such as financial support post-18, getting support to go to university, and understanding pathway plans.

Care Leavers Association

The Care Leavers Association is an ever-growing network of care leavers, run by care leavers for care leavers. They provide a national network of care leavers and support and have gathered some very useful information about considering university.

The Complete University Guide For more information on the support available to care leavers visit the complete university guide!
UCAS has a number of resources with information for Care leavers! Visit their website for more information including a video for care experienced young people to help find out about the support that is on offer.