HEIGHT: 5' 10" EYES: Blue HAIR: Dark Brown ACCENT: Teesside Productions at The Northern School of Art Chorus in Antigone (dir Jonathan Bussell) Liam in Educating Sunnyhill (dir. David Edwards & Andrew Berriman) Mockumentary Brother in Rage (dir. Jonathan Bussell) Charles in The Family (dir. Sean Sadler) Short Film Sam in A Full Eight Hours (devised) Solo Show Stage Crew in Stole the Show (dir. Connor Dorrian) Misha in Super Happy Amazing Burger Time (dir. Joseph Casling) Radio Projects at The Northern School of Art Graham in Graham (Devised) Digital Theatre Student in Education, Education, Education (dir. David Edwards Various in Legend of Myerthille (Devised) Radio Skills Puppetry Script writing Music & Danc Jazz singer Boxing Sprinting Kick Boxing Table Tennis Mixology