The Northern Film Festival is a showcase of our talented final year Film Makers and Actors!

The Northern Film Festival is a live event created by Level 6 BA (Hons) Film, TV & Theatre Production students and presented by our industry partner ARC, Stockton Arts Centre. This film festival celebrates the talents of our graduate class and showcases a number of final-year movies.
Promise Me, Thirst For Love, The Beast of Bolam Lake, Feel, Social Media: An Artist’s Friend or Foe? and A Biscuit Worth Fighting For.
Starring actors from our BA (Hons) Acting for Stage & Screen degree! *find out more about The Northern Film Festival here Age guidance: 15+ (the films contain scenes of violence, strong language and scenes that may be distressing). Recommended age guidance: 14+

Promise Me

<strong>Promise Me</strong>
Promise Me? Is a bittersweet drama aided by a music driven narrative. The piece explores themes of friendship, growth and development as we follow the lives of Arlo and Rosie, two struggling musicians trying to find their place in the world. With a soundtrack by the band Stone Foundation, the piece has a soulful yet modern sound that is sure to leave you tapping your feet. Crew: Director – Curtis J Burnett Producer – Sian Finlan – Tuck DOP – Elliot Watson Camera – Cait Byers Sound – Rory Norton Editor and Colourist – Rob Heselton

Thirst For Love

<Strong>Thirst For Love</strong>
A vampire named Victor seeks out to satisfy his dark cravings using a dating app. Despite not getting many second dates, he matches with Lisa which leads to an unholy partnership until a plan against them confronts their relationship. Crew: Director – Aidan Connolly Produced by David Michie DOP and Art direction – Cait Byers Camera – Jake Holden Sound – John Brown Editor – Rory Norton Colourist – Lauren Gillan

The Beast of Bolam Lake

<Strong>The Beast of Bolam Lake</strong>
During game night a father struggles to connect with his daughter over an intense game of Werewolf. Little do they know: they're the subjects of a real life game of Werewolf themselves, the only prize being survival. Crew: Director – Aaron Burns Producer – Rachel Thomas DOP – Jake Holden Sound – Jaden Byron Editors – Aaron Burns and Rachel Thomas
Colourist – Lauren Gillan


Humans, called the Next Creation, are about to be created. The Higher Ones work directly under The Creator, and The Painter, a being that The Creator has given the ability to feel emotions to, are in charge of managing the Next Creation, making sure that they enjoy the gift of life. The Higher Ones order the Painter to paint only positive emotions for the Next Creation such as love, peace and happiness.  However, the painter suddenly begins to paint negative emotions and The Higher Ones have to summon her to ask for an explanation which in turn, sparks a discussion on whether or not the Next Creation should feel emotions at all. The Painter wants the Next Creation to feel both the good and the bad while The Higher Ones believe in order for the Next Creation to enjoy life they need to only feel good emotions. Crew: Director – Natasha Drymon Producer – Sian Finlan-Tuck DOP – Lauren Gillan and Elliot Watson Sound – John Brown Editor – Natasha Drymon
Colourist – Elliot Watson

Social Media: An Artist’s Friend or Foe?

<strong>Social Media: An Artist’s Friend or Foe?</strong>
Art students analyse the impact of social media on the creative arts to determine its full utility in the toolkit for modern creatives Made collaboratively by: Hannah Trafford Jake Holden Jaden Byron Jess Whitaker David Michie

A Biscuit Worth Fighting For – Kodak Advert

<strong>A Biscuit Worth Fighting For – Kodak Advert</strong>
Short advert show on Kodak film. Crew: Director – Rory Norton Producer – Sian Finlan – Tuck Cinematographer – Rob Heselton Camera Assistant – Jack Fowler Lighting and Music – Curtis J Burnett Sound – Emily Jeffrey Set by Amy Robson