HEIGHT: 5' 11" EYES: Light Blue HAIR: Brown/ Blonde NATIONALITY: British NATURAL ACCENT: Hull PRONOUNS: They/Them/Theirs Productions at The Northern School of Art Flight Attendant Shaz in Wildfire Road (Eve Leigh) Ash in Still a Work in Progress (dir. Sherkeighra Garnham) Marco in A Fool's Purpose (dir. Alastair McKie & Isaac Bradley) Various in Buckets (dir. Jonathan Bussell) Various in Boy (dir. Jonathan Bussell) Projects at The Northern School of Art Snout/Wall in A Midsummer Night's Dream (dir. Jonathan Bussell) Bianca/Greg in Like Ikea (dir. Amelia Smith), Radio Play Colin in We Are...? (Devised) Presenter/Rami the Raccoon in Gigglebugs FM (Devised), Radio Ronnie Starr in Britain's Got the X-Factor (Devised), Film Happy Clown in A Clown's Birthday (Devised) Professional Experience Elf Guide in Believe Christmas (dir. Jacqui Wallace) Other Experience Puppetry workshop (Life and Limb Puppets) Comedia Del Arte/Clowning workshop (MeeMee Theatre) Physical Theatre workshop (Frantic Assembly) Classical Theatre workshop (Tony Jayawardena) Writing Workshop (Ishy Din) Skills Accents - RP, Cockney, Essex, Manchester, Yorkshire, Scottish, Mid-American Puppetry Improvisation Comedy Stand-Up Devising Clowning