HEIGHT: 5' 7" EYES: Brown HAIR: Brown NATIONALITY: British NATURAL ACCENT: RP Productions at The Northern School of Art Nadine in Wildfire Road (Eve Leigh) Amy in Buckets (dir. Jonathan Bussell) Paula in Boy (dir. Jonathan Bussell) Projects at The Northern School of Art Hippolyta in A Midsummer Night's Dream (dir. Jonathan Bussell) Betty in Like Ikea (dir. Amelia Smith), Radio Play Val/No.5 in Love and Money (dir. Pamela Ringwood & Kieran Barker) Samantha in Still a Work in Progress (dir. Sherkeighra Garnham) Sue Sutton in Moontown (dir. Amelia Smith) Precious Diamond in Britain's Got the X-Factor (Devised), Film Professional Experience Featured in Khalysis' music videos for Walls and Senorita Other Experience Puppetry workshop (Life and Limb Puppets) Comedia Del Arte/Clowning workshop (MeeMee Theatre) Physical Theatre workshop (Frantic Assembly) Classical Theatre workshop (Tony Jayawardena) Writing Workshop (Ishy Din) Skills Swimming Clowning Puppetry Devising UK Driving License DBS Checked