HEIGHT: 5' 5" EYES: Blue HAIR: Brown ACCENT: North Yorkshire Productions at The Northern School of Art Beth March in Pornstar Martini (Devised) Mum in Taking Showers in Lemonade (dir. Gemma Blake) Chorus, Eurydice in Antigone (dir. Jonathan Bussell) The Girl with No Shoes in Rage (dir. Jonathan Bussell) Emma Lockwood in Educating Sunnyhill (dir. Andy Berriman) Mockumentary Mother in This Is A Chair (dir. Samuel Burt) Projects at The Northern School of Art Medusa/Narrator/King Midas in Blast from The Past (Devised) Radio Play Maths teacher/Student in Education, Education, Education (dir. David Edwards) Witch/Solider/Marxism Member in Fear (Devised) The Chief in The Four Horseman (dir. Oscar W. Fitchett, Anna Bant, Jack Colley, Robert Tweedale) TV Jule in Drowning (dir. Thalia Martin) Short Film Professional Experience Puppeteer in Rock and Stone (Devised) Fuel Other Experience Puppetry Workshop (Will Steele) Stand-Up Comedy Workshop (Lauren Pattison) Skills Horse-riding Improve Swimming Puppetry Physical Theatre DBS Checked