HEIGHT: 5' 7" EYES: Brown HAIR: Brown ACCENT: Durham Productions at The Northern School of Art Redhead Boy/ PJ in Rage (dir. Jonathan Bussell) Sabotag3 in Educating Sunnyhill (dir. David Edwards) Mockumentary Teiresias in Antigone (dir. Jonathan Bussell) Leo in This is a Chair (dir. Thalia Jayne Martin) Data in The Four Horsemen (dir. Oscar W. Fitchett, Anna Bant, Jack Colley, Robbie Tweedale) Conkers The Clown in Conked Out (dir. Joseph Casling) Solo Show The Inspector in Super Happy Amazing Burger Time (dir. Joseph Casling) Radio Wesley in Love Bethany (dir. Oscar W. Fitchett) Film Drunk Actor in Stole The Show (dir. Connor James Dorrian) Multiple in Hands Up! (dir. Thalia Jayne Martin) Projects at The Northern School of Art Multiple in Static (Devised) Michael Cobalt in The Muse (dir. Oscar W. Fitchett) Film Tim in Education, Education, Education (dir. David Edwards) Nick in You’re It (dir. Oscar W. Fitchett) Film Jake in Graham (dir. Thalia Jayne Martin) Digital Theatre Multiple in Legend of Myrerthille (Devised) Radio Professional Experience HACK (dir. Alex Harvey) Party Guest in The Home (dir. Christopher Green) Puppeteer in The Hartlepool Monkey (dir. Ruth Mary Johnson) Tyler in Christmas with The Hobs (dir. Jacqueline Phillips) Young Firestarter in Middlesbrough Town Hall Project (dir. Laura Lonsdale) Multiple in Love by the River (dir. Umar Butt & Patricia Suarez) Felix Mouse in Winters Tail (dir. Laura Lonsdale) Multiple in Double 0 No (dir. Dom Martin) Other Experience National Youth Theatre 2021 Newcastle Theatre Royal Workshop 2016 in Seven Worlds, One Room (dir. Steve Byron) Less is MORE Scratch Night 2021 Workshop with Moving Parts Art 2021 Workshop with Gyre & Gimble Writing Workshop with Ishy Din Writing & Poetry Workshop with Becci Sharrock Skills Puppetry Clowning Stand Up Comedy Physical Comedy Comedy Improv Skateboarding Jiu-Jitsu (Highly Skilled) Guitar (Highly Skilled) Ukulele Weapons Training Martial Arts Basic Sign Language Accents: Durham (Native) Geordie German Middlesbrough Scottish Standard