HEIGHT: 6' 0" EYES: Blue HAIR: Brown ACCENT: Northern (Doncaster) Productions at The Northern School of Art Male Love Interest in Eyes Like Lighting Strikes (dir. Faith Murphy Brown) Short Film James & Peter in Escape (dir. Rhiannon McMahon) Radio Robber in Stole the Show (dir. Connor Dorrian) Lucas in Love Bethany (dir. Oscar Fitchett) Short Film Homeless Man in Abode (dir. Anna Bant) Short Film Westwood in The Four Horseman (dir. Oscar W. Fitchett, Anna Bant, Jack Colley, Robbie Tweedale) TV Chorus in Antigone (dir. Jonathan Bussell) Dylan Andrews in Educating Sunnyhill (dir. David Edwards & Andrew Berriman) Mockumentary Helicopter Boy in Rage (dir. Jonathan Bussell) Projects at The Northern School of Art Student in Education, Education, Education! (dir. David Edwards) Various in Blast from the Past (Devised) Radio Various in Witch Hunt (devised) Other Experience Andy in Brassed Off (dir. Rachel Rollin) Robin Hood in Robin Hood (dir. Rachel Rollin) Skills Drums (Intermediate) Football Rugby Mixology Accents Standard Northern Doncaster* RP/Irish American West Country