HEIGHT: 5' 6" EYES: Blue/Brown HAIR: Ginger ACCENT: Midlands (Nottingham) Productions at The Northern School of Art Woman in Taxi, Girl with Tiara in Rage (dir. Jonathan Bussell) Chorus Member in Antigone (dir. Jonathan Bussell) Meg March in Pornstar Martini (Devised) Sarah Baker/Barker/Baker in Educating Sunnyhill (dir. Andy Berriman) Neyv in Not a Book Cover (Devised) Solo Show Muriel/Polly in This is Not a Chair (dir. Thalia martin/ Samuel Burt) Four Eyes in The Four Horsemen (dir. Oscar W. Fitchett, Anna Bant, Jack Colley, Robbie Tweedale) TV Projects at The Northern School of Art Lecturer/ Women with Phobias in It’s All In Your Head (Devised) Claire in Wireless Fidelity (dir. Samuel Burt) Digital Theatre Presenter 1/Spliff/Heather in Scarlet FM (Devised) Radio Guinevere in Education, Education, Education (dir. David Edwards) Girl in Not Like Most Girls (dir. Hannah Richardson & Oscar W. Fitchett) Professional Experience Party Guest in The Home (Arc Stockton) Cheeky Monkeys in The Hartlepool Monkey Project (Gyre & Gimble, Fuel Theatre) Puppetry project in collaboration with Moving Parts Arts and Newcastle Puppetry Festival Other Experience Mum in Inherited Wounds (dir. Samuel Burt) Short Film Physical Theatre Workshop (Frantic Assembly) Writing Workshop with Ishy Din Skills Musical Theatre Physical Theatre Puppetry, Proficient in Spanish Singing Ballroom Dance Latin American Dance