HEIGHT: 5' 5" EYES: Blue HAIR: Brown ACCENT: North East Productions at The Northern School of Art Girl in Sparkly Dress in Rage (directed by Jonathan Bussell) Charlie in This is a Chair (directed by Thalia Martin) Joanne Pickett in Educating Sunnyhill (directed by Andy Berriman & David Edwards) Mockumentary Messenger/Chorus in Antigone (directed by Jonathan Bussell) Guinevere/Getaway Driver in Stole the Show (directed by Connor Dorrian) Mia in Escape (directed by Rhiannon McMahon) Radio Vee in Taking Showers in Lemonade (directed by Gemma Blake) Projects at The Northern School of Art Various Roles in Blast From the Past (Devised) Radio Sue in Education Education Education (directed by David Edwards) Alyssa in Ghosted (directed by Anna Bant) Digital Theatre My Reality (Solo Show) Other Experience Puppeteer in The Hartlepool Monkey (Fuel Theatre and Gyre & Gimble Hartlepool) Frantic Assembly Workshop Skills Puppetry Devising Comedy