HEIGHT: 5' 9" EYES: Blue HAIR: Brown NATIONALITY: British NATURAL ACCENT: RP (Isle of Man) Productions at The Northern School of Art Pilot Patrick in in Wildfire Road (Eve Leigh) Barry in There is No Escape (dir. Callum Hemmings) The Clown God/Employer in A Fool's Purpose (dir. Dominic Martin) Garrick and Tutorial NPC in Call to the Light (dir. Niamh Nelson), Radio Peter in Scooped (dir. Bailey Mallon-Ward) Journalist in Buckets (dir. Jonathan Bussell) Man on Phone in Boy (dir. Jonathan Bussell) Projects at The Northern School of Art David in Love and Money (dir. Pamela Ringwood & Kieran Barker) Lysander in A Midsummer Night's Dream (dir. Jonathan Bussell) Paul in Black Box (Devised) Brian in Bottled (Devised) Joe/Mimkey Mouse in Sunny FM (Devised), Radio Play Rodriguez Ferliney in Passion & Reality (dir. Bailey Mallon-Ward and Kieran Barker), Film Josh in Josh (dir. Maxfield Long) Professional Experience Poetry Performance (BBC Tees, Upload), Radio Other Experience Puppetry workshop (Life and Limb Puppets) Comedia Del Arte/Clowning workshop (MeeMee Theatre) Tangled Feet workshop Gracefool Collective workshop Physical Theatre workshop (Frantic Assembly) Skills Accents - Cockney, New York, Southern American , Australian, RP Sketch Comedy Singing (Tenor) Improvisation