CCF Resources

A place to download resources used in the academic tutorials & more Mental Health Resources  5-4-3-2-1 Technique 5-4-3-2-1 Technique NSOA Resource – 54321 Cards Identifying Emotions Identifying Emotions NSOA...Read More

NSOA CCF Case Study

A case study focusing on student participation in the project, as well as the involvement of students in a college wide wellbeing week, made in collaboration with first year film students. Read More

Makedo Construction Makerspace Session

Using cardboard and MakeDo tools, the students are encouraged to use their collaboration and construction skills to work with each other in order to build functional structures.  MakeDo Construction NSOA Resource R...Read More

Lego Creative Brief Makerspace Session

Using LEGO, the students create something from a vague brief, encouraging creative thinking and soft employability skills, before collaborating with each other on a final build.  LEGO Creative Brief LEGO Creative Brie...Read More

Sphero Driving Test Makerspace Session

The students are encouraged to express inventive ideas through the use of Sphero Bolts and creative coding.  Sphero Driving Test Sphero BOLT Guide Sphero Driving TestRead More

Confidence Clouds Academic Tutorial

The students write kind thoughts about their classmates, which are then shared anonymously and turned into word collages to increase self-esteem.  Resources Confidence Clouds NSOA Resource – Confidence CloudsRead More

Wellbeing Kahoot Academic Tutorial

Students take part in a Kahoot quiz to promote discussion about positive mental health in everyday activities.  Resources Kahoot How-To-Guide Wellbeing KahootRead More

Musical Spheros Academic Tutorial

Using Sphero Bolts, students are encouraged to channel emotions felt when listening to music through expressive painting.  Musical Spheros Musical Spheros NSOA Resource – Making Natural Dyes Sphero BOLT GuideRead More

Mental Health Jack Simmons Student Filmmaker

An informative student short film promoting the discussion of mental health topics. Read More

Time Management Planners Staff Resource

Student Services Advisor, Jenny, talks through the Pomodoro technique, giving tips on how students can manage their time.  Time Planners Time Planners NSOA Resource – Monthly Calendar NSOA Resource – Pomod...Read More

Identifying Emotions Staff Resource

Student Support Advisor, Catherine, talks through different key emotions and how they can impact students’ productivity.  Identifying Emotions Identifying Emotions NSOA Resource – Emotion CardsRead More

Panic Prevention Methods Staff Resource

Student Councillor, Janette, talks through different techniques to prevent panic attacks, focussing on grounding.  5-4-3-2-1 Technique 5-4-3-2-1 Technique NSOA Resource – 54321 CardsRead More