Creative Film & Moving Image Production

W. M. Hasmitha H. Srikantha – Hasmitha Srikantha

I began the first two years of university by experimenting all the roles within the degree and later started specialising in Directing and Cinematography. I am currently working as a freelance photographer and videographer with further plans in the industry.


Instagram: @has_srikantha



Svea Sabrina Hartle – The Pillars of Creation

Born in Germany and raised in Sweden, Svea recently graduated with First Class Honours in Creative Film and Moving Image. With a passion for cinematography, Svea is a dedicated and enthusiastic individual interested in a variety of genres and styles and she is always ready to embrace a challenge to increase her level of expertise. Svea has been working as a camera assistant for Digitalfire in Newcastle. As such, her prime objective is to support the Director of Photography so they can focus on their cinematic vision. Her ultimate goal is to become a Director of Photography herself. Outside of work, Svea has a strong passion for film, travelling, and tattoo art.

Instagram: @dea_ex_machina_films





Hannah Flear – The Tragic Case of Gilly O’Connor- Camera Operator

After studying Film Studies at A Level I moved onto Film Production, specialising in Camera Operation after a year of not being sure of my focus. Now that I’ve found it I want to work on getting further into the film industry in the camera department.

Instagram: @flear_camerawork
Twitter: @FlearHannah



Chloe Grocott – Showreel

I’m a freelance editor who specialises in video editing and basic VFX creation. I’m able to use Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, Avid Media Composer and DaVinci Resolve.



Katie Crate – Showreel

An enlightened soul working as a Boom Operator, Mixer and editor for the majority of the films produced, which has led to the ability to work under pressure, within time restraints and with different media, as well as turning broken audio into improved versions for quality films.


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Craig York –

I am moving onto a Masters course at Northumbria University, where I intend to specialise in the academic field of Film Studies and more specifically the Horror genre. Following that I am planning to pursue a Doctorate, as I intend to pursue a career as a lecturer in that field of study. Then during my spare time, both now and in the future, I intend to pursue a career as a writer. For which I’m currently working on a number of fiction ideas, as well as academic articles in my field of study and film reviews that I am publishing via the web platform Vocal.


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Adam Sirrell – Digital Film Editor / Vfx

i’m an aspiring film editor with a huge passion for effects in films, especially Practical effects which help me get more creative. Being a long time fan and also being greatly inspired by such visual artists such as Ray Harryhausen and Eiji Tsuburaya, striving to learn and improve on their techniques whilst learning new ones on the way.