HEIGHT: 5' 11" EYES: Brown HAIR: Brown NATIONALITY: British NATURAL ACCENT: Teeside Productions at The Northern School of Art Rohan in Wildfire Road (Eve Leigh) Boy/Boyfriend 1/Fundraiser for cancer in Buckets (dir. Jonathan Bussell) Lamari in Boy (dir. Jonathan Bussell) Projects at The Northern School of Art Father in Love and Money (dir. Pamela Ringwood & Kieran Barker) Josh in Life in the Championship (dir. Josh Dixon) Funeral Attendee in Dead Good (dir. Kieran Hills), Film Dominic Weiss in Brexit Means Brexit (dir. Josh Dixon & Juho Hankela) Nathan in Hedgehog's Dilemma (dir. James Taylor), Film Ryan in A Hedgehog's Dilemma (dir. James Taylor), Film Professional Experience March Hare in Alice In Wonderland (Theatre Hullaballoo) Other Experience Puppetry workshop (Life and Limb Puppets) Comedia Del Arte/Clowning workshop (MeeMee Theatre) Physical Theatre workshop (Frantic Assembly) Classical Theatre workshop (Tony Jayawardena) Writing Workshop (Ishy Din) Skills Accents - Teesside/German Dance Puppeteer Football Karate (Black Belt) Trained in Professional Wrestling