HEIGHT: 5' 6" EYES: Green HAIR: Brown NATIONALITY: British NATURAL ACCENT: Teeside Productions at The Northern School of Art Flight Attendant Jenny in Wildfire Road (Eve Leigh) Harriet and Mrs Elton in Emma (Menstrual Rage Theatre Company) Tiffany/Elix/Lillian in Call to the Light (Devised), Radio Play Janine in Faith at Play (dir. ) Melly in Buckets (dir. Jonathan Bussell) Receptionist/School Girl in Boy (dir. Jonathan Bussell) Projects at The Northern School of Art Helena in A Midsummer Night's Dream (dir. Jonathan Bussell) Ned in Ned and the Magical Forest (devised), Radio Play Emma in Facade (dir. ) War Veteran in The Clock Strikes at Midnight (Devised) Jess in Bottled (Devised) Rebecca in The Unseen Reality (dir. ) Professional Experience Ensemble in Over Twenties (Tangled Feet) Other Experience Puppetry workshop (Life and Limb Puppets) Comedia Del Arte/Clowning workshop (MeeMee Theatre) Physical Theatre workshop (Frantic Assembly) Classical Theatre workshop (Tony Jayawardena) Northern School of Art Radio Advert (TFM Radio) Writing Workshop (Ishy Din) Skills Swimming Kickboxing