The Northern School of Art is serious about your career aspirations! We are a specialist school and so with this in mind we have developed a specialist employability and enterprise service, FOLIO. Unlike the careers services you would see at a larger institution our small and unique school has taken the opportunity to dedicate our service to the creative industry. Our team of supporting students and professionals are experienced working practitioners. They know their stuff because they done it themselves!
Folio helps students get where they want to go:
• With jobs or work experience • With further learning • With setting up and running their own business
Folio staff supports students and graduates to:
• Manage and plan your own development: set goals for learning and experience • Reflect on, evaluate and plan their development and learning needs. • Research their chosen industry and career options
In one-to-one sessions, the Folio team give useful practical advice on a number of areas. Including searching for jobs, preparing your CV and supporting business developments and aspirations. We know that networking is very important in the creative sector, so we provide regular networking opportunities where students can meet industry professionals in an informal setting. Helping them build a contact base for future employment. Under our CCAD creative banner, we run a series of open lectures, seminars and master classes for free. Folio is all about helping students to help themselves. Our support is Impartial, confidential, designed to meet the personal needs of each student and to complement each programme of study. The Folio Centre works as a drop-in and is open to be used for research. Folio, in partnership with Hartlepool Council, can place you in a dedicated, fully serviced work studio at a subsidised rate. The BIS Whitby Street Studios are located just off Church Street and offer modern spacious work spaces with 24/7 access and free parking.