Do you want to pursue a career in film & television? Start your degree next door to our new major film production studio! The Northern School of Art is pushing ahead to develop a new production facility to be situated on our Hartlepool campus. This development is being built with the intention of being a working commercial facility to host a number of productions. The Northern Studios will foster opportunities for our students and area as well as establishing a new film hub in the North East.

Our region is home to many major TV dramas and films. It is intended that our studios will be used by the ever-growing number of commercial production companies that film and work here and in the surrounding areas. Developed with industry professionals The Northern Studios will cater to professional film and television production companies offering professional space and facilities to film interior set shoots conveniently located near to our beautiful coastline, rural landscape, marina and industrial areas. For further information on The Northern Studios contact Pat Chapman, call: 01429 858430 or email

The Perfect Location

Did you know that the North East is home to a host of major tv drama and film productions? Recent productions include: • Vera • Victoria • George Gently • Star Wars • Atonement • 1917 • The Dumping Ground • Alien • Avengers • Harry Potter • Transformers • Phantom Thread Our exciting new development, will be one of a kind in the region, providing the North East with its first dedicated production facility capable of housing large scale film and television productions.

Stages & Space

The Northern Studios have nearly 3,000 sqm of dedicated, secure, studio space to offer within a secure compound that allows space for parking and support vehicles. We can offer three main stage areas: Stage 3: 20m by 50m Stage 2: 20m by 50m Stage 1: 20m by 20m The Northern Studios includes a plan for two studio spaces: Studio 1: Twin soundstage (3, 2) floor areas each c. 1,000 sqm. Each accessed by sliding full height acoustic studio doors. Including acoustic curtains and reverb reduction treatment on the ceiling with a 5m height clearance. Studio 2: A large green screen studio, square plan with a c.300sqm area (stage 1) accessed by a sliding full height acoustic studio door. The Studios will also include a full productions suite with offices, green-rooms, make-up and costume facilities as-well as industrial scale 3D scanning and printing facilities for set and prop construction for the screen, stage and events industries. Please see the below floor plan.

Studio Floor Plan

Studio Floor Plan

Travel Times

Our beautiful landscape, marina and coastline make Hartlepool and the surrounding Tees Valley the perfect setting for any film project. Our location is very accessible and we have fantastic public transportation links. Approximate travel times to Hartlepool: London Car: 5hrs Train: 3 hrs 30 mins Edinburgh Car: 4 hrs Train: 2 hrs 40 mins York Car:1 hrs 20 mins Train: 1 hrs 30 mins Cardiff Car: 5 hrs 30 mins Train: 6 hrs 30 mins Leeds Car: 1 hrs 30 mins Train: 2 hrs Manchester Car: 2 hrs 30 mins Train: 2 hrs 45 mins Liverpool Car: 3 hrs Train: 4 hrs 30 mins Teeside International Airport Car: 33 mins Hartlepool Train Station Walk: 5 mins Student Image: Kieron Smith

On-site Facilities

Our on-site facilities include: • Secure compound • Unit Parking • Storage • On-site crew and cast parking • Easy stage access • Production suite: offices, green room, make-up costume & screening • Broadband: 3 phase electrical supply • On-site crew refectory • Controlled secure entrance & exit • Close to various amenities, hotels and shops